Smith Rock | A Climbing Trip

Smith Rock was the first place I ever went rock outdoor rock climbing so it was only fitting to make it my first real rock climbing trip. Located just outside Bend, Oregon (the best place on earth), Smith Rock offers stunning landscapes, a winding river and a wicked climbing community. Our goal was to push at least one multi pitch, Wherever I May Roam. The route is a 5 pitch sport climb up the Northwest Face of the Smith Rock Group. We did that the second day and managed to squeeze in 3 more during our stay. It was insane, incredibly awesome and I can’t really put into words what the feeling is like getting to the top of these routes as the sun is setting or waking up at sunrise to be first on the wall and walking out by 10am. It’s an addiction.

Having Bend not too far away was extra satisfying with it’s countless breweries offering cold pints as a reward after a hot day. I only managed to bring my camera up one climb, since you can imagine, it’s a bit cumbersome when ascending these routes.  So these photos are mostly from our ascent up Voyage of the Cowdogs. Until next year!

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Skyline Divide