Hey, I'm Kai!

The photographs I remember, the ones that have stuck in my mind since childhood, are of my grandparents laughing or my friends and I making fools of ourselves. They’re candid and may break every rule of photography...but they make me feel something. I look at them, imagine that moment and what it felt like. Those are the types of photographs I strive the capture, the pictures you’ll look at for more than a second, the ones that you’ll remember.

I dedicate myself to my work and passions. That said, I have fun along the way. I’m happy to camp at a wedding, hike a mountain for an engagement shoot or get to know each other over a beer. I don’t approach weddings or photography as a formula, but rather see each couple as a unique story to capture. I strive to make your day as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, so I keep things fun and laid-back.

Based in Vancouver, BC but found wandering all sorts of places.